Configuration file

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In the quickstart, you launched Aerogramme in "development mode", that do not require a configuration file. But for a real-world usage, you will need to specificy many things: how your users are managed, which port to use, how and where data is stored, etc.

This page describes how to write your first configuration file. If you want a complete reference, check the dedicated Configuration Reference page.

role = "Provider"
pid = ""

bind_addr = "[::]:1143"

bind_addr = "[::1]:12345"

bind_addr = "[::1]:1025"
hostname = "example.tld"

user_driver = "Static"
user_list = "users.toml"

Copy this content in a file named aerogramme.toml. Also create an empty file named users.toml (Aerogramme does not know how to create it automatically yet).

And then you can start Aerogramme with the following configuration file:

aerogramme -c aerogramme.toml provider daemon