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The following clients are known to work with Aerogramme:

ClientDateAerogramme versionStatus
Mutt2023pre 0.1
Thunderbird2024-01-08pre 0.2
Geary2024-01-08pre 0.2
Evolution2024-01-08pre 0.2
K9 Mail2024-01-08pre 0.2
Fair Email2024-01-08pre 0.2
Apple Mail iOS2024-01-08pre 0.2
Outlook iOS2024-01-08pre 0.2
Gmail Android2024-01-08pre 0.2
Windows Mail2024-01-08pre 0.2

If you find a regression, please report it. If you use a well-known email client, that work or not work with Aerogramme, please report it here, so we can track Aerogramme's IMAP compatibility with the rest of the ecosystem.