Start a server as follow:

cargo run -- server

Inject emails:

./test/ '<me@aerogramme.tld>' dxflrs

Now you can connect your mailbox with mutt. Start by creating a config file, for example we used the following ~/.muttrc file:

set imap_user = quentin
set imap_pass = p455w0rd
set folder = imap://localhost:1993
set spoolfile = +INBOX
set ssl_starttls = no
set ssl_force_tls = no
mailboxes = +INBOX
bind index G imap-fetch-mail

And then simply launch mutt. The first time nothing will happen as Aerogramme must process your incoming emails. Just ask mutt to refresh its view by pressing G (for Get).

Now, you should see some emails:

Screenshot of mutt mailbox

And you can read them:

Screenshot of mutt mail view